I’ve decided to start doing a weekly update, this one is likely to be a tad longer than in the future seeing as how I haven’t updated for a while now.

For starters, ASD is finally going up onto a flash portal. It’s up for testing at the moment but within the next two or so weeks should (hopefully) be cleared for public play.


DTRJ is about to see some drastic re-skinning. Didn’t really want to go through the trouble of getting Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s permission to use his likeness, so our new stars look like:

On the far right is the player character, and the aliens to the left are replacements for the old blocks. Instead of switching magnetic polarity or whatever kind of control it was before, the spaceman immitates the pose of an alien inmate to coax him into mimicking the player’s movements. The environment tileset is also in the midst of change but I wasn’t really sure what I wanted it to look like until recently. Next weekly update I will likely have enough, if not all, done on the tileset.

Also, a new game mode:

Basically this game mode is just a slight switch up to the restrictions on the puzzles and is actually what the original concept for DTRJ was. In this mode blocks (or prisoners) cannot leave the outlined zone, the player on the other hand can move wherever providing that move does not force a block out of its zone. If a block is moved out of its zone, the player is forced back a move.

There are currently twenty levels for the new game mode and I am aiming for thirty in the old mode when all is done.

Next up are two projects I have started since I last posted, Doomscape 3000 and Pendulizer. I’m pretty damn happy with the name Doomscape 3000, Pendulizer is likely to change though so don’t consider that final.

Doomscape 3000

The right are some assets from Doomscape 3000, every sprite so far is 16×16. Original plans were for this game to be driven by timed turns, given the player a short amount of time to slap the enemies around until they take their turn and the player must defend. I floundered quite a lot on the controls and still am not hundred percent comfortable with them. Ultimately I want the game to have a rhythmic feel to the movement, although not turn-based the enemies will move to a beat as if on a timed turn and allow for the player to move freely, although moving with the rhythm as well will probably prove the best strategy.

At the moment more art and effects are finished than gameplay for this one, but as soon as I get the new DTRJ finished up I can turn more focus towards this again.


Finally we get to Pendulizer, this one is basically a shmup only without the shooting. In Pendulizer the player controls two ships with a laser connecting them, passing the laser over enemy nodes is the player’s weapon rather than having projectiles. I floundered on the controls for this one as well, but unlike Doomscape have actually reached a decision I’m happy with. The core of the player’s ship simply follows the cursor and the node is controlled with the directional keys, thrusting it left or right and rotating it around the core. Double tapping either direction throws the node into a fast spin for quicker attacks.

The image to the left shows a basic outline of the controls, the core is moving towards the cursor and the node can rotate along the dotted line with the directional keys. The right is just an example of what enemies are going to be like. Consisting of cores, nodes, and lasers the enemies are a lot like the player. What differs is how many nodes and lasers they have and I plan on some enemies requiring you destroy their nodes in sequence. Don’t worry, there will be lights to show you the order so no guessing required. Also much like the enemies, the player’s node can be destroyed by enemy lasers which puts them in a weaponless situation for a while. Oh and don’t worry, those are placeholder assets and the game is going to look nothing like that.

That was one long post, but I think I’m all caught up on important news. Next week expect more progress on DTRJ, probably some on Pendulizer, and a much shorter post.

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