Ok, so maybe these “Weekly” updates aren’t really my thing, but here I am again with some ‘splainin to do.

Over the past few months I fell into a motivation slump, but sure enough work-ethic has returned to kick my sun-starved ass back into action. It kicked me so I hard I thought I would do a beat-em-up to honour it.

What about DTRJ? What about Doom Scape 3000 and Pendulizer? Well, fortunately DTRJ is nearly complete with a total makeover and only music and a touch of polish remaining to be done.
Remember these guys?

Well forget about them, time for these guys:

Oh and the name has been changed to Mimic Maze to avoid confusion as to what the hell DTRJ stands for when there’s no Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in it anymore.

As for Doom Scape 3000, the gameplay was not going anywhere fun although I still like the art style. So for now it is taking a big long breather but who knows when it might show up again. Same goes for Pendulizer as I turn my focus to making my beat-em-up.

I do not have a name for the beat-em-up yet but the folder it’s in is called Punch, so let’s call it Project Punch(P.P. for short) for the time being. I don’t want to write a big explanation on how the game will be working until I have something playable and fun to seduce you with. What I can do is show you some of the character concepts I’ve doodled up:

These are still W.I.P and I won’t be sure if I can keep the detail at this level until I play with animations more, but fingers crossed cuz I’ve grown found of them. I can’t promise quick progress on this as my life has been busied by other things required to live lately. What I can promise is that I’m having a lot of fun working on it so I’ll endure and keep at ‘er.

Instead of going for weekly updates I’ll just say that as soon as I have P.P. in a showable/fun state I’ll be tripping over myself to spread the news.

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